: 10th December

Before booking a space at Takapuna Market you must have registered with us and been accepted to join the market.

Due to demand, we can only offer the spaces that are available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.
Takapuna Market is made up of 6 main parts.  Each colour is made up of multiple 3m x 3m  Gazebo sites - each given a number.
Takapuna Market Layout
If you wish to purchase a space at Takapuna Market, simply click on the colour of the area you'd like to be in below.

Whilst the price is shown as $0.00 below, once you select which area you wish to go to, you will sent to the purchase page where you select the number of the site you'd like to be in and let us know if you are either a craft / non-food stall, a food stall, or in those places where we can accommodate a Food Truck, you are a Food Truck.

Select Add to Cart.

The corresponding price for that site will be added to your shopping cart and, once you are ready, you can simply pay and check out.

Once purchased you will receive a confirmation email.  As a result, you will now know where your space is and that it is secure for you for this market.

If a location is sold out, this means that another stallholder has already booked this location for this market, or it is reserved for a permanent stallholder, so please see if there is anywhere else you'd like to be.